KETO PRO-TEA - 15 Servings

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Totally Keto friendly and totally awesome! This drink will be your new favourite Keto pleasure.

Matcha Pro-Tea has the protein you need along with a full serving of Japanese Organic Matcha. Made with only the best New Zealand whey protein isolate available anywhere and then blended with stevia to make a beautiful, verdant green-tea-based drink that will take you into a workout, help you recover after a workout, or just get you through a few more hours at your desk. Green tea lovers and skeptics alike will fall in love with this delicious keto-supportive beverage.

21g protein per serving.

Calories/Serving: 150
Protein/Serving: 21 g
Carbs/Serving: 5 g
Fat/Serving: 5 g
Cost/Serving: $2.33